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Here are some fun activities for kids!


Benny Blast’s Guide to Rocks and Minerals (Grades 3-6)

Hey Kids! Want to learn more about rocks and minerals? Steelworks Museum’s education mascot Benny Blast will lead you through this booklet of fun activities, puzzles and information about mining in Colorado.

Kids Pages (Grades 1-6)

The Steelworks Archives has over 100,000 photographs in its collection. Show your creative side by downloading pages containing three of these images and completing the art challenge.

Kids Gallery Guide (Grades 1-8)

Here is a fun learning packet you can download before your visit to the Steelworks Museum or when you return home. Many of the activities are about exhibits in the museum, so keep your eyes peeled!

Steelworks Wordsearch (grades 2-5)

Wordsearch introduces students to vocabulary they will see or hear in the exhibits while visiting the Steelworks Museum.

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The Steelworks Center of the West provides continuing education to the public through the preservation of historic archives, artifacts and buildings of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company (CF&I), and related activities leading to the industrialization of the entire Western United States.  The Steelworks Center accomplishes this by collecting, preserving and exhibiting collections of the steel and mining industry, Pueblo’s Bessemer neighborhood, and the contributions and impacts working families in those industries made in the industrial West.

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